Month: May 2015

PlanetMosh – Blazefest 21st March 2015

“It brings out frontwoman Shonagh Lyons’ rich vocal delivery and produces a sound which is as huge as this young band have the potential to be.”

Rock Radio NI – Blazefest 21st March 2015

“Shonagh looked confident, easy banter between songs, and using her vocal prowess to its maximum, devastating effect as John flowed freely across his axe, ably flanked by Thomas and Cameron.”

Chordblossom – Blazefest 21st March 2015

“They romp through their set with that unique combination of beauty and brawn that the genre demands, with the malevolent ‘Blood’ and note-perfect set closer ‘Paradise Lost’ particular highlights, and leave the stage having thoroughly redeemed themselves with a set of sweet, symphonic metal perfection.”

Dangerdog Reviews – 3.5/5

“Fundamentally, promise and potential is exactly what Selene has going for them.”

Musipedia of Metal

“From the first track you can hear that this is more than your usual symphonic metal fayre”