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Selene Announce ‘The Ravages of Time’

We are very happy to announce the release of our second album ‘The Ravages of Time’ due for release June 23rd 2017 ‘The Ravages of Time’ continues to develop the sound Selene established on their debut release, showcasing the angelic soprano voice of Shonagh Lyons along with epic orchestration and heavy riffs, while also taking…

New T-shirts and live shows

Due to popular demand we will be releasing a new line of ‘The Forgotten’ T-shirts at the end of the month. These are full colour T-shirts Featuring the artwork of the album.. We will be doing a range of gigs across September and October September 17th – HMV – Belfast September 24th – Masons –…

Selene Blog Launches

So Hi everybody! We decided to launch this blog as a way to pass on information and cool behind the scenes stuff that is a bit more indepth than a facebook post would allow us to but also things that aren’t exactly ‘news’ Where to begin… Well work has officially started on album number 2!…

New Live Shows Announced

Selene are happy to announce a number of shows over the coming months to promote “The Forgotten”, details of which and links to buy tickets can be found over on the Live Page, these start with the launch show for ‘The Forgotten’ on December 10th December 10th 2015 – Voodoo, Belfast – With Maverick &…

Selene Announce “The Forgotten”

We are very happy to announce our first full length CD “The Forgotten” will be released on Thursday November 19th. The Forgotten is an 11 track album clocking in at over 50 minutes of hard hitting symphonic metal including the 9 and a half minute epic “Piano Black” The Track list is as follows 1….

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