Paradise Over

Track list

  1. Facing the Mirror
  2. Not Enough
  3. Still Dreaming
  4. Paradise Over
  5. Fade Away
  6. Hourglass Fading

Album Line up:

Shonagh Lyons: Vocals
John Connor: Guitar/Keyboards
Thomas Alford: Bass
Cameron Ashlund-Glass: Drums

Release Date: 24/10/14


Planet Mosh: “Northern Ireland’s best kept secret is now well and truly out of the bag.” – 5/5

Metal-Rules: “‘Paradise Over’ does so much so well.” – 4/5

Metal Temple: “I can’t wait to see what these guys from this Irish band will offer us in new songs in the future” – 9/10

Metal Observer: “Keep an eye on these guys because they are poised at the brink of taking off.” – 7.5/10

The Grim Tower: “Though it’s a short offering, it seems to be only a mere chunk of what this band can offer to the genre and I’d highly recommend this passionate Irish symphonic metal offering” – 9/10

We Love Metal: “Another group under my radar, Selene, are on their way to land on the shores of the masses” – 8.5/10

Chordblossom: “With a band this prolific, if they keep improving like this with every release, who knows how far they could go?”